Board and Council of the New Children’s Hospital Foundation

The New Children’s Hospital Foundation’s decisions are made by its Board, which is elected at the annual general meeting

The Board has eight members, while the foundation’s advisory Council has ten members. Both the Board and the Council include a diverse range of representatives from different fields.

In addition to this, the foundation’s administration includes the Nominating Committee, which consists of two chosen representatives from both the Board and the Council. Regular meetings are held twice a year – in the autumn and spring. The highest decision-making body is the foundation’s regular annual meeting, which includes an annual review of the financial situation, the annual report and the achievement of the objectives set for the foundation’s operations. The Board is responsible for long-term strategy, significant financial decisions, the selection of new members and the appointment of an authorised representative. The support foundation’s operative project director/representative directs operations and supervises the implementation of the strategy with the support of the Board.

Board of the New Children’s Hospital Foundation 2022

Sanni Grahn-Laasonen
Chair of the Board
Member of the Parliament

Jussi Mertsola
Chief physician (retired), professor, TYKS

Johan Aalto
Senior partner, Hannes Snellman Oy

Pekka Vauramo
Vice Chair of the Board
President and CEO, Metso Oyj

Marja-Leena Rinkineva
Director of economic development, City of Helsinki

Rauha Tulkki-Wilke

Antti Larsio

Council of the New Children’s Hospital Foundation 2021

Jenni Haukio
Chair, programme director

Siri Kolu
Author, theatre teacher

Helena Ranta
Forensic dentist, University of Helsinki

Lilli Paasikivi
Artistic director, Finnish National Opera

Tarja Lähdemäki
Business and marketing, Coach

Tuula Colliander
Executive director

Kalle Hoppu
Professor, chief physician, HUS

Kari Raivio
Paediatrician, chancellor emeritus, University of Helsinki

Eero Huovinen
Bishop emeritus, University of Helsinki

Meeri Haataja

Foundation Operational Management

Anne Knaster
Authorised representative and project director of the foundation, MBA, nurse


The foundation is the developer and property owner of the New Children’s Hospital. The foundation will continue to operate actively even after the completion of the building.

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Without private funding, the building of the New Children’s Hospital would have been delayed far into the future – together we have built something truly valuable.

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The foundation’s vision, goals and purpose.

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