The foundation’s vision is to continuously develop the concept of the best children’s hospital in the world in collaboration with HUS and the foundation’s extensive support network. The aim is to establish an international cooperation model that brings together medicine, researchers, technology, the startup community and industries.

The purpose of the foundation is to promote paediatric research, teaching and specialisation in paediatric medicine conducted in both of the official languages of Finland as well as their utilisation primarily by building and maintaining facilities suitable for these purposes.

Our focus areas

Paediatric pain management clinic

Finland does not currently have any hospitals or centres specialising in paediatric pain management, in which researchers, clinicians and other professionals could work together to carry out research and seek the best possible treatment methods for managing pain resulting from illnesses, trauma and other reasons in children. One of the support foundation’s goals is to facilitate the establishment of a national paediatric pain management clinic as part of the New Children’s Hospital.

Development of paediatric drug research

Clinical trials involving children and young people are regulated by strict laws and ethical guidelines based on adults’ and society’s obligation to protect children. From a research standpoint, children are a vulnerable special group that should be protected from unnecessary risk and harm. One of the future goals of the support foundation is to develop paediatric drug research in Finland.


The foundation is the developer and property owner of the New Children’s Hospital. The foundation will continue to operate actively even after the completion of the building.

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Without private funding, the building of the New Children’s Hospital would have been delayed far into the future – together we have built something truly valuable.

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The foundation’s vision, goals and purpose.

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