Paediatric pain management

Paediatric pain management – the related training, research work, development of care methods, and innovation has received a major boost in Finland.

The New Children’s Hospital Foundation is providing support in the form of EUR 2.7 million in bridge financing in collaboration with its founder members, for the foundation and operation of a national paediatric pain management clinic and research centre at the New Children’s Hospital. The pain management clinic will serve patients from throughout Finland, providing clinical, consultation and training services, to meet the needs of school health care operators and university hospitals.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of our donors and pain management clinic founding partners: the Stiftelse Brita Maria Renlund’s minne foundation, Seriously, Small Giant, the Olvi Foundation, and the Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals for their involvement. Together, we can ensure developments and innovation in paediatric pain management, one leap at a time.


The foundation is the developer and property owner of the New Children’s Hospital. The foundation will continue to operate actively even after the completion of the building.

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Without private funding, the building of the New Children’s Hospital would have been delayed far into the future – together we have built something truly valuable.

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The foundation’s vision, goals and purpose.

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