Donate to help children

In Finland, pediatric research, pain management and development of treatment methods are of a high standard. Donations make it possible for the valuable work to continue. You can help by making a testamentary, memorial or special occasion donation. Every donation is important and is used entirely for the benefit of children and youth.

Continuous development is bearing fruit

Because of donations, years of research and development have been able to continue, and more and more seriously ill children have recovered. The donations have also enabled, for example, for the National Research and Development Center for Pain Management of Children and Youth to open. The center will open during 2020 and is an important step in the development of treatment methods in Finland.

As a non-profit organization, the New Children’s Hospital Foundation does not have to pay tax on wills. All donations are used in full for the benefit of children and youth.

A valuable way to help

You can be involved in this work by making a testamentary donation, in which case a part of your property is allocated for this purpose. The will can be yours alone or you can do it with your spouse. You can draft it yourself, with the help of a lawyer, or by contacting us. If you wish, we will assist you in making the will and in all relating matters.

Another beautiful way to help is a memorial or special occasion donation. Instead of flowers or other gifts, you can ask for donations to help children and youth.

Find out more about donating! Your contact person in donation matters is agent and project manager Anne Knaster,, tel +358 40 830 060.



The foundation is the developer and property owner of the New Children’s Hospital. The foundation will continue to operate actively even after the completion of the building.

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Without private funding, the building of the New Children’s Hospital would have been delayed far into the future – together we have built something truly valuable.

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The foundation’s vision, goals and purpose.

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